My Story

My name is Josh.

I've been in the affiliate business for over 2 years now. I'm 26 years old and I am a full time affiliate.

When I started out I was of course like most people, completely lost not knowing what to do, losing much more money than I gained, in fact, it took me over 2 months before I even made my first sale.

I was using the same affiliate websites most of you are probably using, like clickbank, commission junction, I tried out amazon for a little bit. The problem with these affiliate marketing companies were that all of their products were so much alike, and thousands of other people were trying to sell the exact same thing or concept. Which almost made it impossible for me to advertise without spending hundreds of dollars.

That's when I figured out I needed to change something. I researched a bunch, read some e-books on affiliate marketing, and discovered if I really wanted to cash in and make the money I desired I needed to find a niche product... a product that had a pretty big market potential but that everyone and their brother wasn't advertising as well. That is when I discovered MoreNiche.

I started posting on their forums, everyone was very helpful, I learned a tremendous amount of info, more from any e-book I had bought, just from the e-books they give out for free at MoreNiche, and also from the help through their forums and staff.

I made my first sale within 2 weeks, I kept learning, and it really wasn't long before I started reaching my goal as being an affiliate marketer full time.

If you are just starting out, or your products that you are trying to sell through affiliate marketing are not working for you, or not as well as you would like, I would STRONGLY suggest you at least sign up for an account and give MoreNiche a shot. It allowed me to accomplish my goals and I know it can do the same for you if you're willing to put the time and effort.

Click Here to join now (It's free obviously). The sign-up process is very easy and only takes a couple minutes.

MoreNiche is truly a one of a kind affiliate company. It changed my life, and hopefully you'll give it a shot and it will do the same for you.